Foxwell NT414 Pro All Makes 4-System Scan Tool

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Foxwell NT414 Pro Enthusiast Diagnostic System – Engine, SRS, ABS and Auto Transmission on 50+ makes

Product details
Foxwell ‘NT414 Pro’ Enthusiast Level Diagnostic System
Diagnose 4 car systems on over 50 car makes: Engine, SRS (Airbag), ABS and Automatic Transmission coverage.

Enthusiast / Small Garage Handheld Scan Tool

Product details

The Foxwell NT414 is a diagnostic handheld tool suitable for enthusiasts and small garages, offering 4-system coverage for a vast array of car manufacturers.
The tool will read and clear fault codes from the Engine, SRS (Airbag), ABS and Automatic Gearbox controllers on a range of European, Asian and American cars.
This “Pro” version now also includes Oil Service Reset and Electronic Parking Brake functions across
a range of makes too!

The tools are supplied to us from Foxwell with most of the software on a recent version. Currently this includes coverage for cars(with a standard 16-pin diagnostic port) from the following manufacturers:

D = Diagnostic coverage
O = Oil service reset coverage
E = Electronic Parking Brake coverage

Generic Coverage:

European Makes:

Abarth (D/O/)
Alfa Romeo (D/O*)
Audi (D/O**/E)
Bentley (D/O**/E)
Bugatti (D/O**/E)
Citroen (D/O/E)
Dacia (D)
Fiat (D/O*)
Ford Europe (D/E)
Jaguar (D/O/E)
Lancia (D/O*)
Land Rover (D/O/E)
Maybach (D/E)
Mini (D/O/E)
Mercedes Benz (D/O/E)
Opel (D/O/E)
Peugeot (D/O/E)
Porsche (D/O/E)
Renault (D/O/E)
Rolls-Royce (D/O)
Seat (D/O**/E)
Skoda (D/O**/E)
Sprinter (D/O)
Vauxhall (D/O/E)
Volkswagen (D/O**/E)
Volvo (D/O/E)

Asian Makes:

Acura (D/O/E)
Daewoo (D)
Ford Australia (D)
Holden (D/O)
Honda (D/O/E)
Hyundai (D/O/E)
Isuzu (D/O)
Infiniti (D/O)
Kia (D/O/E)
Lexus (D/O/E)
Mazda (D/O)
Mitsubishi (D/O)
Nissan (D/O)
Perodua (D)
Proton (D)
Scion (D/O/E)
Subaru (D)
Suzuki (D/O)
Toyota (D/O)

USA Makes:

Chrysler (USA only) (D/O)
Ford USA (D/O/E)
GM (D/O/E)

(* – Fiat / Alfa / Lancia / Abarth oil service reset for petrol models only)
(** – Oil service for VAG brands does not support cars using UDS/ODX protocols)


Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 50 American, Asian and European vehicle makes
Compatible with 2014/2015 models on most makes
Vehicle system coverage for four electronic systems – Engine, ABS, Airbags and Automatic Transmission
Oil Service Reset and Electronic Parking Brake service functions for many makes
Provides live sensor data from a wide range of systems
Merges graphs for easier fault diagnostics
Records live sensor data
Unparalleled EOBD / OBD-II functionality – supports ALL 5 OBD-II protocols and ALL 9 test modes
Easy-to-use with intuitive menu-driven operation
TFT colour display
Strong housing tough enough to survive the workshop
FREE updates for the first 18 months after registration
View recorded data on tool

Package Contents

Foxwell NT414 Pro Scan Tool
1.5m OBD connection cable (16-pin EOBD/OBD-II connector)
USB cable (to power up tool when not plugged into a car)
Printed instruction manual
4GB SD Card (inside tool)
Tough plastic carry case

Cash and carry at PANDAN INDAH

(price is cash and carry, no personal delivery and no training is provide)

Interested, Please Call :

KC : 016-9495 788

KEN : 017-3333 265

Thank You



Makes: FOXWELL NT414 and Foxwell nt414 Malaysia.

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